Appel de résumés

Notification emails for regular submissions have been emailed out. You can login to your account and see accepted abstracts under "My Lectures".

Later breaking abstracts are accepted February 10 - March 16.

Important Dates

Abstract submission & registration open

October 31, 2019

Abstract deadline

January 6, 2020

Notification email will be sent

February 20, 2020

Deadline for presenters to accept invitation

March 1, 2020

Deadline for presenter to register

March 16, 2020


Change to the submission terms for 2020

New version of rule of two:

Each presenter can present two oral presentations during CUA 2020. This restriction does not apply to unmoderated posters.


Submission Terms

  1. Rule of two - New Version- : Each presenter can present a total of two oral presentations (podium or moderated poster) during CUA 2020. This restriction does not apply to unmoderated posters.” in order to avoid confusion about what constitutes an oral presentation.
  2. Abstracts must be written and presented in English.
  3. Submitted abstracts undergo a blind review by peer-reviewers. Acceptance is based on scientific merit and originality.
  4. While abstracts may be submitted as podium, moderated poster, or unmoderated poster presentation types, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign final presentation type in the best interest of the program.
  5. Multiple abstracts by the same authors based on the same study population or data may be disqualified without further consideration.
  6. The work covered by the abstract should not have been published as a manuscript before January 6, 2020. Abstracts that have been accepted for presentation at another major urological meeting must be disclosed. This can be emailed directly to the Program Manager (
  7. Trials in progress can be submitted, but please note the committee will review and take into account whether or not the information is presentable or not with the data accumulated.
  8. In regards to production deadlines, as of March 16, 2020, all presenting authors must be registered and must have paid their registration fees to keep their abstract in the program. Any changes to the presenting author will not be reflected in the CUAJ after this date. 
  9. Authors are responsible for proofreading their abstract before submitting, particularly with regard to general orthography, as well as author names/order and affiliations. CUAJ will edit all submissions for consistency and formatting.

Abstract Format

  • Title:
    • The title should clearly define the topic and contain no abbreviations.
    • There is a character limit of 200 characters including spaces.
    • Enter the title as you were writing a sentence, Only CAPITALIZE the first letter of the sentence and proper nouns, nothing else.
    • Do not use punctuation at the end of the sentence UNLESS it is a question mark (?) or exclamation point (!)
    • No symbols are permitted; write out the name of the symbol (i.e. save beta, alpha, etc.). You will be allowed to use symbols for the abstract body.
  • Body:
    • The size of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters including spaces (or approx. 400 words). This includes body of abstract only.
    • The body must contain four separate paragraphs: a) Introduction; b) Methods; c) Results; and d) Conclusions. The abstract should be informative and detailed.
    • Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use, spell out the full term and follow with abbreviation in parentheses. Abbreviations can be used subsequently.
    • Use generic names of drugs.
    • It is NOT acceptable to state that "The results will be discussed." Inclusion of specific data is necessary for reviewers.
    • Indicate the major new findings of the study.
  • References: The references are to be cited in your abstract body. The reference(s) will be placed at the bottom of your abstract automatically after you cite in the “Body” section of the submission process. Cite references sequentially in the body after a punctuation mark.
    Example: Jones A, Smith R, Doe J, et al. AS in prostate cancer management. Can Urol Assoc J 2016;10:201-5
  • Study Groups/Acknowledgements: These will be noted above your abstract in the CUAJ.
  • Figures:
    • To insert a figure (image, table or graph) please upload the files as a JPG in the “Figures” step
    • All tables/graphs must be titled and all images/figures must have a caption.
    • All figures (image, table, or graph) will only be published in the Annual Meeting web app. They will not be published in the printed journal.
    • Reference to accompanying figures must be made within the body of the abstract (i.e., Patient demographics are listed in Table 1). For the printed journal, readers will be directed to view figures on the web app.  
  • Authors:
    • Take care to list ALL authors in the relevant section of the submission site. Spell out completely the names of all authors using full first and last names.
    • Middle name initials are to be placed in the special field for this. It should be a capital letter with a period at the end. (i.e. Stephanie M. Smith)
    • Maintain consistency in author names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the Author Index.
    • Affiliations (department, institution) should be spelled out in full.
  • Presenting Author: If the author(s) of the abstract is an employee(s) of, or has a financial relationship with, the commercial interest, which controls the content of the presentation, he/she cannot be the presenting author. However, investigators responsible for research and development are permitted to present as long as they resolve their Conflict of Interest (COI) and as long as they are not employees of the commercial interest. In all printed publications the presenting author will be underlined.
  • Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: This is required for the submitting author and the presenting author. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to collect this information.
  • Topic List: Authors must select an abstract topic (only one) from the provided list.



  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Community Urology
  • Endourology - Nephrolithiasis
  • Endourology – Laparoscopy/ Robotics
  • Improving Patient Relations/ Practice Management/ Communications
  • Technical Advances in Urology
  • Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction and Genitourinary Trauma
  • Training and Evaluation
  • Male/Female Pelvic Pain
  • Neurogenic Bladder
  • Oncology - Bladder 

  • Oncology - General Oncology 

  • Oncology - Kidney & Ureter 

  • Oncology - Penis/Testis/Urethra 

  • Oncology - Prostate 

  • Pediatric Urology
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility
  • Urinary Incontinence and Voiding Dysfunction
  • Urological Infections (Includes STDs)
  • Miscellaneous/Other

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